God of the Month – Jupiter

Dver at A Forest Door Are You Up For the Challenge? issued a challenge that polytheists tell about their practices.

One of my practices is to follow the Roman festival calendar. From that, I developed a system of “Gods of the Month” to focus on for that month. It helps me to keep my devotions for the month and to celebrate the various festivals. I would include the Gods of the Month in my morning devotions and afternoon ones, repeating various prayers that I wrote.

Of course, from “Gods of the Month” comes “Gods of the Day.” Each day, I would write a short prayer for the God of the Day, after my breakfast and before morning devotions. My prayers do include Gods from other pantheons, Who have requested that I make offerings to Them such as Marduk of the Babylonians and the Gods of my Anglo-Saxon ancestors. For example, September and October, when squirrels are active, I write prayers for Ratatosk, the Squirrely One of the World Tree.

September is the Month of Jupiter (Iuppiter). Since many of the days are dedicated to various aspects of Him, I have written many prayers for Him. Each prayer helps to me focus on that aspect of Jupiter, and become closer to Him.

Salve Iuppiter Tonas!

The Thunderer who speaks to us

In the Storm

May we understand


Salve Iuppiter Capitolinus!

Jupiter of the Capitol

Jupiter who helps us to govern

May we listen


Salve Iuppiter Stator!

The Stayer of the Rout

Who commands us to stay and fight


Salve Iuppiter Conservator!

Jupiter the Savior

Sheltering those in need

We give You Thanks


Salve Iuppiter Custos!

Jupiter the Custodian

Who protects his people

We give You Thanks


Salve Iuppiter Elicius!

Reliever of drought

We thank You for the welcome rain


4 thoughts on “God of the Month – Jupiter

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  2. I came to the Gods of the Month and God of the Day idea, too. The gods of the day are broadly based on the astrological/planetary associations of the days; for example, Jupiter on Thursday, along with Juno and Minerva as they are worshipped together; Diana on Monday as she is associated with the moon. Some of the gods of the month seemed like obvious choices: Juno in June, for example, but others are still not 100% solid for me.

    Will you post more about your god schedules and maybe list the whole thing? I’m very interested.


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