Neptune’s Messengers: Dolphins

Throughout recorded history, people have endowed Dolphins with symbolic potency. Various Dolphins were the intermediaries between the Worlds of the Living and the Dead. Seeing an inquisitive Dolphin frolicking in a ship’s wake, people thought that He was a messenger from the water gods. Dolphin frescoes from the Palace of Knossos in Crete (1600 BC) show Dolphins in all their mythic glory. In Christianity, Dolphins symbolize Christ. Meanwhile, New Age people see Dolphins as emissaries from the stars.

What are Dolphins or Delphinidae? They form the largest family of Cetaceans (Whales) ranging from Hector’s Dolphin to Killer Whale. Delphinidae have bulgy heads and distinctive beaks. That bulge under their foreheads is the “melon” which helps Them focus sound waves when They echo-locate. Delphinidae whistle and click to navigate and “see” in the ocean.

Highly intelligent, Delphinidae adapt quickly to any situation, They find Themselves in. Scientists have determined that these Animals have a sense of self. Dolphins recognize Themselves and others. Not only that, They have a language, complete with dialects based on where They live and the pods They travel in. Communicating by whistles, clicks, tail-slapping, Dolphins speak to each other. Mothers whistle to their Calves teaching them the language of their pod.

Dolphins have a reputation for violence. When They are angry, They ram each other and people, and rake their teeth across each other’s bodies. In addition, They use sound to annoy each other. Killer Whales (Orcas) are the only Cetaceans (Whales) that hunt other Whales, and are appropriately called “Wolves of the Sea”. Meanwhile, Bottlenose Dolphins kill Porpoises in their territories. Like people, Dolphins have their good and bad sides.

Delphinidae teach conscious living. Never fully sleeping, They have to remain partly awake to breathe. Using echolocation, Dolphins are more conscious of what goes on about them. With their curiosity and intelligence, Delphinidae chose to be aware of Themselves. They ask the same of you.

A dolphin

Dolphin Family’s Wisdom Includes:
Turning Dreams into Reality
Mediator Between The Living and The Dead
Moving with the Ebb and Flow of Life
Being in Balance With Light and Dark
Bridge Between People and The Ocean
Eloquence and Communicating With All of Your Being
Rescuer of Shipwrecked Souls

Note: Porpoises are smaller and have rounded instead of beak-shaped snouts. They are in their own family of Phocoenidae. River Dolphins (Platanistidae) are separate group from Ocean Dolphins (Delphinidae).

Conversation Note: Hector’s Dolphin is protected in New Zealand. Dolphins in U.S. waters are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

A dolphin with an anchor

Dolphin Christian Symbols:
With Anchor: Christian soul anchored by Christ’s teaching; Christ Crucified
With a Boat: Church or Christian being guided by Jesus
Entwined in a Trident: Christ Crucified
With an Octopus: Christ triumphing over Satan

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