The Mundus, Well to the Underworld


October 5 is the second day during the year that the Well to the Underworld (Mundus Cereris) opened. (The other days are in August and November.) According to Roman myths, the Mundus was dug and covered by Romulus when He founded Rome. After that the Cover to the Mundus would be opened when the grain was harvested. (The ever practical Romans had multiple uses even for the Portal to the Underworld.)

 When the Mundus is opened, offerings are made to Consus, the God of the Granary, Ceres, the Goddess of the Earth’s Fertility, and to Mania Genita the Goddess of the Dead. At this time, Di Manes (Spirits of the Dead) would come into the world of the living, and offerings of the harvest would be made to Them. For protection against the more malevolent spirits, dolls are hung over the doorways. In my home, I have my action figures (Bernie Sanders, The Green Hornet, and Kato) placed at the entrances to my home and bedroom.

Macrobius, quoting Varro, says of these days that: Mundus cum patet, deorum tristium atque inferum quasi ianua patet.

(“When the mundus is open, it is as if a door stands open for the sorrowful gods of the underworld.”) (From Wikipedia)

Salvete Di Manes!

The Mundus is opened

The Cover to the Underworld.

Today You go amongst the Living

May You find peace and trouble us not.

Salve Consus Pater,

Guardian of the Mundus

Protect us

Salve Mania Genita,

Guardian of Di Manes

Protect us.

Picture of the Mundus by Lylum at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.)


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