The Mundus and Me

umbilicusurbiOn the day that I had a wall fall on me was the same day as the Opening of the Mundus. On that day, I entered the World of the Dead. In my coma, I wandered as a shadow, not dead, but not alive. Unsure where to go, I hovered at the Opening.

Hekate and Anubis, Both of Whom I met in a dramatic way, guided me back to the Land of the Living. However, I came back with a traumatic brain injury that forced me to become a semi-hermit. During my period of re-entry to humanity, both Gods aided me. I never regained my sense of time and live in the Now. This suited Them, since I could now help guide the Wandering Dead to the Underworld. (These Dead live in the timeless Now.)

Since that time, I have felt the Dead around me, especially during the Days of the Opening of the Mundus. On these days, I retreat to my room, light candles and burn incense. I pray at my altar to the Dead that the Lost Ones be lead Home.


Anubis introduced Himself to me through a seidr worker, and Hekate possessed me during the same seidr session. (A blog entry for another time.)

Picture of the Mundus by Lylum at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.)

The Mundus, Well to the Underworld


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