God of the Month: Baal Shamin

Like all Polytheists, I have altars to “other” Gods. Baal Shamin of Palmyra is one of Them. This ancient Canaanite God did not wish to be forgotten, especially after the horrific destruction of his temple in Syria. When the Romans ruled the area, they featured his symbols on their armor – the thunderbolt and ear of wheat. Baal Shamin was the God of Protection, as well as, the God of the Sky and Fertility. October 28 is his festival day.

Mighty One!

Cloud Rider

We welcome the rain You offer

Mighty One!

Prince of the Earth

We welcome the fertility You offer

Mighty One!

Wielder of Lightening

We welcome the protection You offer

Baal Shamin!

Lord of the Heaven

Grateful, we remember You always.


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