Gods of the Month: November

For Romans, November was the month of community and games. The Ludi Plebeii (The Plebeian Games) in honor of Jupiter Optimus Maximus were held for ten days. I see November as a month to celebrate the community and the blessings of the Gods. (Caveat: This is my personal devotional calendar, and does not include all the Roman festivals.)

POMONA: A festival thanking Pomona, the Goddess of Orchards for the ripe fruit is held. Her husband Vertumnus, who is the Patron of Gardens, is usually honored as well. I go out to the old crabapple trees at the end of my street and thank Her.

MANIA and DII MANES: The Opening of the Mundus (the Well to the Underworld) is conducted for the third time in the year on November 8. (For those in the U.S. that is election day.)

FORTUNA PRIMIGENIA AND FERONIA: On the Ides of November (the 13th), Fortuna Primigenia and Ferona are honored. As the Mother of Juno and Jupiter, Fortuna Primigenia is the “Great Mother Goddess.” She sets the destiny of children at their birth. Meanwhile, Ferona is the Goddess of Agricultural Produce. Any slave who sat on her holy stone in her temple was freed. I celebrate the community on this day.

TIAMAT: I have a small altar to the Mesopotamian Gods. November 6 is one of the festival days for Tiamat. As the Great Mother Creator, She created Heaven and Earth with Her Body. Known as the Dragon Mother, Tiamat is also the First Mother. On this day, I celebrate the creation of the universe on this day.


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