God of the Month: Pomona

The Goddess of Fruit and Orchards, Pomona had her own flamen (Flamen Pomonalis) in Rome. However her flamen (priest) was the lowest of the fifteen flamines, who were appointed to the cultus of various Gods. Not much is known about her rituals or when her festival, the Pomonia, occurred. People today will often honor Her on the Festival Day of Her Husband, Vertumnus, which is August 13.

The other date that is also used for the Pomonia is November 1. This date comes from various Pagan publications that list activities to do around Samhain (Halloween). Since I prefer honoring Gods on separate days, I hold my Pomonia on November 1.

I grew up surrounded by fruit trees that my family cared for. We had apple, cherry and pear trees. Every fall, we harvested the fruit, that birds did not get to first, and made jams, jellies, and other fruit spreads. We also would invite our friends to harvest their own fruit to take home. When I pray to Pomona, I think of the blessings of those trees. I go to the crabapple trees at the end of my street, and thank Her directly.

Salve Pomona Mater!

Plain Goddess,

You tend to the blossoming trees.

Salve Pomona Mater!

Beloved of Vertumnus,

You tend to the ripe fruit.


Lovingly, You prune the trees;

Lovingly, You tend the orchards;

Lovingly, You bless the fruit.


We thank You for Your Care.

We thank You for Your Bounty.

We thank You for Your Blessings.


We offer the fallen fruit

To the Spirits of the Land

So They may praise You.


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