God of the Month: Fortuna Primigenia

One of the most worshipped Goddesses for Romans is Fortuna, the Governess of Fortune. With her rudder, She steers the destiny of people and nations. Depicted as blind, Fortuna is impartial in her distribution of luck to all. Because of her importance in setting people’s fates, Fortuna has many attributes. Fortuna Redux brings travelers safely home. Fortuna Mala wards off bad luck.

Fortuna Primigenia sets the destiny of children at their birth. Fortuna Primigenia is probably the original Fortuna, before her other attributes were revealed. The temple of Fortuna Primigenia in Praeneste had an oracular shrine. The oracle would select an oak rod (sors) at random for the seeker. Usually, it was a boy who shuffled the little rods and then chose one. The person who consulted the oracle would have to interpret the answer themselves.

When doing a divination, it is best to invoke Fortuna Primigenia for an appropriate interpretation.

Salve Fortuna Primigenia!

Who sets our destinies at birth.

From time to time,

You offer us a glimpse

From your sacred oracle

May we read wisely

May we understand.

Salve Fortuna Primigenia,

Original Fortuna!


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