Assur and the Destruction of Nimurd


Copyright: Basil Blake

News of the destruction of the temple at Nimrud by those religious gangsters has been devastating. Nimurd was an Assyrian city, with Assur as the God of  Sovereignty. Read more about that at this site: Nimrud by

Assur is the Assyrian God of kingship and sovereignty. Here is my prayer that I wrote for the Prayer Card project. (You can purchase the card here: Assur Prayer Card) I have devotions to this God, and plan to light incense at His Altar.

Great God Assur

Fierce God of a Fierce Land

Like the Great Cedar, You stand firm.

Great Sovereign

You hold your warrior’s bow

You let loose the arrows of war

You call us to battle

Great Sovereign

Wield us into one of spirit and action

Give us the residue of your strength

Great God Assur

May we embrace your fierceness

May we stand as firm as You.

Assur with Arrow by Basil Blake. You can commission her art at her site.


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