The Dead: Heidi, the Cross-eyed Opossum


Heidi: Photo from the AP

For me, the Dead include animals, trees, and other Nature Spirits as well as people. One of the Dead who I honor in the Fall is Heidi, the Cross-eyed Opossum. Because of her crossed-eyes, Heidi became the rage in Germany and later on the Internet in 2011. She was the star attraction at Gondwanaland, the tropical exhibit at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany.

People feel in love with cute Heidi, and wrote songs about Her. Stefan Langner composed “Opossum Heidi Schielt,” (Opossum Heidi Peers) in which one of the lines is “Heidi is so sweet. How nice she exists.” A verse from Bryant Oden’s song is “She’s just herself and that’s more than enough. She’s an awesome opossum everybody can love.”

At the same time that the world was entranced by Heidi, James Nesbit of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) received a vision to “set loose the blood-covered love of Christ” for to lay siege on Washington D.C. This would erase the Goddess Columbia of the Capitol and rename D.C., the District of Christ. Marshalling the prayer warriors of NAR, Nesbit decided to have the siege begin on Rosh Hashanah and end on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11).

When Pagans heard what NAR was doing, they began a counter offensive in the summer. Then Nesbit issued malefic magic to erase the divine feminine in any form with the “arrow of the blood covered truth of Jesus.” He included Pagans and as well as all Goddesses in his intent. On November 11, 2011, the Pagans and Nesbit both held their rallies in Washington D.C. At the end of the day, Columbia remained the Goddess of the Capitol.

Meanwhile in September 2011, Heidi became so sick that the zoo had to put her down. During the summer, her arthritis had become too painful for her to continue living. After her death, Heidi came to me to tell me that She used her power to stop the malefic magic of NAR. Holding it in her body killed Her, but it set Her free to stop it completely.

Two things made this more than a personal quirk of mine. First, “Heidi” was a common name for Norse seidrwomen. Then the Piety Posse (people who focus on piety in their Polytheism) adopted the Virginia Opossum as their mascot in 2013. This cemented for me, that Heidi had become one of the Mighty Dead.

Heidi, the Cross-eyed Opossum, is a special being. Alive, She brought joy and love to people of the world. Heidi taught them that just as they were, they were awesome. As one of the Mighty Dead, she counters the malefic magic of NAR and other Dominionist groups. Her devotion to the Goddesses prompted Her to hold these groups in check. Heidi encourages people to embrace piety in their polytheistic practices. She is an Awesome Opossum.


Drawing of Heidi T-shirt from Nuwaka (copyrighted)

 Sweet Heidi

Awesome Opossum

With Your Crossed-eyes

You bring love

You bring joy.


Sweet Heidi

Awesome Opossum

With Your Crossed-eyes

You protect us

You love us.


Hail Sweet Heidi

One of the Mighty Dead

May we never forget your love

May we never forget your piety

Nuwaka: Heidi T-shirts, and other wearable art : Purchase at the site.




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