Nov. 30th is Lost Species Remembrance Day

Dver at her blog discusses Lost Species Remembrance Day, and doing a ritual to all the species lost to extinction. I support her in this, and have my own personal ritual that I do.

In my work with extinct animals, I found out the following. The Recently Extinct, such as Dodo Bird and Tasmanian Tiger, would also like to be remembered. However, their pain is too raw to have humans contact Them. Many of the Recently Extinct are still angry and hurt, and want to be left alone. In her book, “DIY Totemism,” Lupa writes of how angry Dodo Bird screamed at her about the murder and extermination of her Kind. What They want for us to do instead is to prevent more species from going extinct. Reparations for these Beings is to recognize what has been lost, and what needs to be done to stop further tragedies. Because I did conservation work for Manatee and Dugong, Steller’s Sea Cow, extinct in the 1700s, was willing to guide me through my brain injury.



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