Gods of the Month: December

For Romans, December is a month to honor the Gods, who ensure the fertility of the earth. It is also a month for family and friends, which includes the local Nature Spirits. Saturnalia, which celebrates the Golden Age of Saturnus (Saturn), occurs in the middle of December.

These are the Gods of the Month that I honor.

BONA DEA: December 3 is the day of women’s mysteries for Bona Dea, the Good Goddess. This Goddess of Healing also ensures women’s fertility. No wine or myrtle is offered to Her since it reminds all of that awfulness which happened to Her.

TIBER RIVER AND THE SEVEN HILLS OF ROME: Two festivals – one for the Tiber River and one for the Seven Hills – occur on December 8 and December 11 respectfully. I thank my local rivers and hills for being a part of my home at this time.

CONSUS: The second festival for Consus, the God of the Granary is held on December 15. This is after the autumn sowing of wheat for the ancient Romans. However, U.S. farmers sow their winter wheat crop at this time as well. I thank Consus for protecting the grain crops.

SATURNUS (SATURN): Saturnalia from December 17 to 24 celebrates the time that Saturnus Pater ruled the earth. During his reign, everyone lived in peace and prosperity. Many of the customs of Saturnalia have been absorbed into Christmas celebrations, such as the wearing of “Santa hats.”

OPS CONSIVA: The Opalia is held on December 19 for Ops Consiva (the Sower). This Goddess of Abundance is the Consort of both Consus and Saturnus. For Her, milk and honey is poured out on the ground as an offering.

ANGERONA: At the Divalia, on December 21, Angerona, the Goddess of Secrets is honored. She kept the secret name of Rome from being known. I give thanks that our real names (known only to the Gods) are guarded by Her.

Non-Roman Gods that I honor:

FRIGGA AND THE DSIR: On the Winter Solstice which is Mothers Night, I celebrate Frigga, the Norse All-Mother and the Mothers of my ancestral line. I do no work in the day, and hold a candlelight vigil for Them. This is for my Germanic Ancestors.

THE ACHEULIAN GODDESS: An ancient Goddess from Paleolithic times, the Acheulian Goddess was first worshiped by Homo erectus, the ancestor of Cro-Magnon Man. I call Her the Goddess of Beginnings. I honor Her during the time of darkness.

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