God of the Month: Ops Consiva


(Painting of Ops by Grace Palmer)

During Saturnalia, the Opalia is held on December 19. The Consort of Saturn, Ops is a Goddess of Abundance and Wealth. Since She is a Goddess of the Harvest as well, Ops is also the Consort of Consus. The Opalia celebrates the winter sowing. For offerings, Ops Consiva (Ops the Sower) receives milk and honey poured on the ground.

“Holy Goddess, Ops, Mother of all nature, engendering all things and regenerating them each day, as You alone bring forth from Your womb all things into life.”

(Antonius Musa, Pracatio Terrae)

You can purchase this as a prayer card at Ops Card. I wrote the prayer for the card.


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