God of the Month: Frigga and the Disr



Painting by Grace Palmer

On the longest night of the year, the Norse Polytheists hold Mothers’ Night. At this time, Frigga, the All-Mother, and the Disr, the Female Ancestors, are honored. Frigga governs Asgard with Her Consort Odin. With Her Twelve Handmaidens, Frigga rules the home and weave frith (peace) amongst people.

During this time, I honor my Mothers. Early in my polytheism, Frigga came to me and said that She is the Patron of my home and watches over my family. For this reason, I have a separate alter for Her that includes amber and keys.

What I do on this long, dark night is to bloodwalk. I move backwards from the present Mother to the past Mother at each node in the maternal line. During the bloodwalking, I see how patterns become encoded in my DNA. When I reach a knot, I stop. I ask Frigga how I must untangle it for the future generation. We can only do one knot at a time, therefore the process takes years. I do this to ensure better luck for the next in my line, and to change the luck for my Ancestors.

Bloodwalking entails going into a trance, focusing on a particular DNA strand. You move along your maternal DNA. This takes you from yourself to your mother to her mother, going backwards in time. Each Mother is a node that radiates outward. Bloodwalking on the paternal lines goes from the father to his mother, to her mother.

Hail Frigga                                          Hail the Disr

The All-Mother                                   Mothers of mine

Guide Us                                             Whispering

How we go forward                           Of Trials and victories

We thank You                                     I thank You

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