God of the Month: Janus (Ianus)


(By Grace Palmer)

A uniquely Roman God, Janus dispels the idea that Roman Gods are just Greek Gods with Latin names. In Roman rituals, Janus always receives the first offering before Jupiter. As one of the oldest of the Roman Gods, Janus presided over the beginnings of civilization.

This two-faced God guards gates and doors (ianua). Looking in two directions, He could see what was coming and what was going. Janus also governs beginnings and endings. I see Him as the God of liminal places.

Salve Ianus Patulcius!

The Opener of Doors

May only good result

From this opening


Salve Ianus Bifrons!

Two faces, forward and backward



Salve Ianus Pater!

Father who sees

Comings and goings


Salve Ianus Clusivus!

The Closer of Doors

May only good result

From this closing

For more on Janus: The Historical Diaries.


(Grace Palmer)

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