Ninlil of the Gods of Sumner


By Basil Blake

The wife of Enlil (the Head of the Gods of Sumner), Ninlil has a complex relationship with Her Husband. When They were both young, Enlil raped Ninlil (Sud). Now pregnant with Nanna (Suen) of the Moon, She sought justice for what was done to Her by One of the Great Gods. Enlil was condemned by the Great Gods and sent to the Underworld.

Then Ninlil decided to go into the Underworld to bring Him back. Meeting Her three times in various disguises, Enlil begs for her love. Watching Him mature and become responsible, Ninlil forgives Enlil. They mate three times, and Ninlil bears three more Gods (Nergal of Death, Ninazu of the Underworld, Ninghizida of Rivers). During this time, both Gods grow in maturity and learn respect. Balance and Justice are restored when the Two mature into adults. Enlil, the proudest of the Gods learns humility and grace. Ninlil grows in dignity from a young girl to a mature woman. Now as equals, They rule together administering the Mes (privileges and duties of the Gods).

Queen of the Heavens

Queen of the Lands

Queen of the Breeze

Foremost Lady

Who Gives Birth

Mother of the Gods

Teach us love and responsibility

Show us tenacity and self-confidence

Help us seek justice as You have

Help us to know reconciliation as You have

Help us in our relations

As lovers

As parents

To understand the facets of love

To understand the facets of strength

August Mother Ninlil

We thank You

For Your Love

For Your Courage

For Your Guidance

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