Gods of Babylon: Ninshubur

Ninshubur is the Sukkal of Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess of Love and War. Ninshubur accompanies Her everywhere. As Inanna’s Second-in-Command, She has her own power as well as Inanna’s authority. One of her duties is as the Messenger of the Gods.

What Ninshubur is best known for is bringing Inanna back from the Underworld. Before She left to see Ereskigal, Dark Queen of the Underworld, Inanna asked Ninshubur to wait for Her. When Inanna failed to reappear after three days, Ninshubur knew that She had died. After informing everyone, She went to the temple of the Great Gods. Going from God to God, Ninshubur asked for help in Inanna’s return. Finally She receives help from Enki, the Father of Inanna. When Inanna was finally released from the Underworld, She had to find someone to take her place. Meanwhile Inanna prevented the Galla, the Underworld Demons, from taking Ninshubur, finding someone else instead.


By Basil Blake

Oh Queen of the East

Messenger of the Gods

Sukkal of Inanna

Fearless Ninshubur

Consellor of Inanna

Lover of Inanna

Wise are You


May we be as fearless as You

May we be as faithful as You

May You speak to the Gods for us

May we hear their messages

May You speak to the Gods for us


Faithful Servant

You fought aside the Morning Star

You mourned the Evening Star

We praise You.

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