God of the Month: Juno Lucina

Juno Lucina as the Goddess of Light and Childbirth is celebrated at the Matronalia, which is held on March 1st. For this festival husbands and daughters give presents to mothers. It is the Roman version of “Mother’s Day,” with prayers being offered for happy marriages and safe childbirth.

Juno Lucina, as the Goddess of Light, brings newborns to the light (i.e. childbirth). Women in her temple wore no knots on their clothing and had unbound hair. (Vesta Virgins offered locks of their hair to Her as well.) This was to symbolize safe delivery in child birth. King Servius Tullius ordered a coin for every birth in Rome to be placed in her temple.

My husband and son give me small gifts. I also make sure that I have no knots in my clothes (except for my orthopedic shoes). I pray for pregnant women to have safe childbirths.

“Kind Lucina, I pray You spare pregnant girls from labor’s hardship and gently birth ripened infants from their wombs.” Ovid, “Fasti II.451-52.


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