God of the Month: Marduk of Babylon



(Copyright by Basil Blake)


The Patron God of Babylon, Marduk rose to become the Ruler of the Gods of Mesopotamia. He is the third God to head this pantheon. Apsu, the Deep and Tiamat, the Primordial Mother, who together created the world, ruled at the beginning according to the Enuma Elish (The Story of Creation). Then One of the Younger Gods, Enlil who Holds of the Tablets of Destiny, overthrew the Divine Couple by using magic. When Tiamat wanted vengeance for the murder of Her Mate, the Great Gods (1) met and conferred on Marduk their powers to destroy Her. After their battle, He recreated the world using the body of the slain Tiamat.

(The temple tower of Marduk in Ancient Babylon was recreated as the “Tower of Babel” in the Old Testament.)

Some of Marduk’s epithets:

God of Fifty Names and Powers

King of Heaven

Guardian of the Four Quarters

Overseer Who is Good

Shepherd of the Gods

Light of His Father

Young Steer of the Day

Bull-Calf of the Storm

Glorious Word of Power

Citadel of Prayer

Shepherd of the Stars

Lord of Life

Master of Magic

Restorer of Joy to Humankind

Patron of Babylon


The Conferring of Powers to Marduk from the “Enuma Elish.”

“(Ea (2) heard and)… his spirit was rejoiced, (and He said):

He whose name his Fathers have made glorious,

Shall be even as I, his name shall be Ea!

The binding of all decrees shall He control,

All my commands shall He make known!

By the name of ‘Fifty’ did the Great Gods

Proclaim His Fifty Names, They made his path pre-eminent.”


  1. The Great Gods did not include Marduk until the time of the Assyrian Kings, who “raised” Him and Assur, their Patron God.
  2. Ea is another name for Enlil. Translation by Leonard King, “The Seven Tablets of Creation.”
  3. Prayer card for Marduk by Basil Blake can be obtained at Prayer Cards: Marduk

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