Gods of the Month: Ceres and Tellus

Ripe wheat on a blue skyCeres, a Greek Goddess, was adopted by Romans after a severe famine in 499 BCE. The on-going crisis prompted the Senate to consult the Sibylline Books on what to do. The Books recommended that to the Romans to end the famine, that they build a temple to Ceres. Dictator Aulus Postumius Albus vowed Her temple to be built on Aventine Hill. This temple was shared by Liber and Libera, Gods of Vegetable Fertility. It was also a granary and a place of asylum. Because of this, the temple became the center of plebeian activities. Ceres, Liber, and Libera became the Aventine Triad, the plebeian counter to the Capitoline Triad of Juno, Jupiter and Minerva

Tellus Mater is the Goddess of the Productive Power of the Earth, who is invoked during earthquakes. She is also known as Terra Mater (Mother Earth). However, She is not the Roman equivalent of Gaia, beloved Goddess of Neo-Pagans.

As agricultural Goddesses, Tellus and Ceres are closely associated with each other. Ceres is celebrated during the Cerialia that is held from April 12 to 19. The Fordicilia, Tellus Mater’s festival, is April 15, the mid-point of the Cerialia. Both of these festivals focus on ensuring plenty of food for the coming year.

Salve Ceres Mater!
Salve Tellus Mater!
Help us keep the land
Fertile as You have.

We thank you for
The Giving Land.
Salve Ceres Mater!
Salve Tellus Mater! 


4 thoughts on “Gods of the Month: Ceres and Tellus

    • Not that I know of. She is the wife of Dis Pater, who is regarded as the keeper of the mineral wealth of the earth (amongst other things). The Underworld association is not as strong. Prosperina is also regarded to be Libera (Goddess of Vegetable Growth) as well. So, She becomes more association with the productive power of the earth than with death.


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