God of the Month: Pales


The Roman God(s) Pales is/are so ancient that their number and gender is unknown. Some authorities say that Pales is male, other – female. No one is sure if there is one or two Gods. Pales has two festivals – one on April 21, the other July 7. The second festival was referred the “two Pales” (Palibus duobus). Pales watches over livestock – sheep, goats, pigs, and cows. The Parilia of April 21 is for shepherds and sheep. At this time, both are cleansed and dedicated to Pales’ care. The July 7th Parilia is for smaller livestock.

I think of Pales as singular and plural, male and female. Beyond human imagining, Pales is a mystery to be experienced. Perhaps, we should know Pales as the sheep and pigs do. Can that be possible?

Salve Pales!
Of the Sheep
Of the Goats
Of the Swine
Of the Cattle

Protect them from harm
Let us know You as they do
Salve Pales!

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