God of the Month: Volturnus


The coming storm

Volturnus is one of a group of obscure Gods that the Romans had a priest and a festival for. By the time of the Roman Republic, few Romans knew anything about this God. Since Volturnus was a God before the founding of the City, they continued his cultus.

The Volturnalia, held on August 27, is to protect the fruits and vegetables from shriveling in the hot winds of late summer. Therefore, Volturnus can be considered the God of the East Wind and of the Southeast Wind. (In Italy, the drying winds come from the southeast.) Ancient Romans called Volturnus, the Wind of Devastation “whirling around the heights who raises clouds of dust.” He can be seen as the God of Whirlwinds, Dust Storms, and Tornados.

In my personal practice, I see Volturnus as a God of Destructive Power. He governs the storms on land and fans the spreading fires. By remembering the Dust Bowl of the 1930s in the United States, I see that Volturnus tells humans when the land is being ill-used. We need pay heed to this God when the dust comes.

Salve Volturnus!
Little known God
Your cultus is still kept
We hear You in the dry storm
We see You in the dust cloud
We feel you in the hot wind
You touch Us
Telling Us
Be Awake
Be Aware
Salve Volturnus!


3 thoughts on “God of the Month: Volturnus

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