God of the Month: Fausta Felicitas

Fausta Felicitas is the Goddess of Good Fortune and Luck. (“Fausta” is the adjective for “favorable.” “Felicitas,” the noun, means “good fortune.” This Goddess is depicted holding a caduceus for health and a cornucopia for wealth. She is also a protective Goddess of Peace and Prosperity. On October 9, Fausta Felicitas is worshipped with Venus Victrix (Conquering Venus) and Genius Publicus (Guardian of the People). Together, these three Gods protect the spiritual aspects of Romans.

Felicitas is a Roman virtue who became divine. As a public virtue, felicitas is the prosperity blessed under the protection of the Gods. As the Pax Divom, felicitas is the state of harmony with the Gods. At the beginning of rituals, Romans say, “Quod bonum faustum felix fortunatumque sit!” (May it be good, lucky, happy, and blessed!) This is to ensure the success of the rite.

Felicitas’ Aspects:
Felicitas Deorum: Luck of the Gods
Felicitas Perpetua: Everlasting Happiness
Felicitas Publica: The Divine Force of the People
Felicitas Republicae: The Fortune of the State
Felicitas Saeculi: Happiness of the Age
Felicitas Temporum: Prosperity of the Times


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