Alphabets: Writing in Cursive (Roman)


An activity that is good for brain health is writing in cursive. Learning cursive activates multiple areas of the brain and integrates them. By joining flowing lines into words, motor control and executive thinking is enhanced. Cursive writing translates aural memory into visual memory. As I write, I can feel the junk leave my brain, and change the neuro-pathways of my brain. (I have a traumatic brain injury.)

After reading Soul Development through Handwriting by Jennifer Grebbin, I became amazed that there were so many benefits in practicing individual letters. Writing for Waldorf students, the author explains that, “Because when we write we not only express through the forms of the letters how we see ourselves and the world, but we also reinforce it. The Palmer method most often used by teachers, which was first developed in 1895, reflects all the values of that materialistic time. However, when we teach children the Vimala Alphabet (Note 1), we help them preserve their connections to their inner spiritual wisdom.” (Note 2)

According to Vimala Rogers, the author of Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life, by changing the shapes of your letters, you can train your mind to think differently. She states that by altering specific letter strokes, you can change certain aspects of your personality. To that end, she developed an affirmative alphabet to practice. (You can find her alphabet at the site, The International Institute of Handwriting Studies)

Re-inventing the Roman alphabet for the 21th Century, Vimala Rogers formed different mystic connections with the letters. Her worldview used the cursive alphabet to connect to the Divine. To that end, she organized the letters into various families such as “Family of Insight (L, E, I, J).” Rogers also expanded the sense of each letter to connect to the qualities of specific animals, elements, gender, stones, and spiritual beings.

Using her alphabet and methods, I created pathways to the Gods with each letter. For me, writing a particular letter will create a bridge to a God. Again I write out repetitive prayers and listen. Then I unwind by writing lacy “Ls”. That returns me back to the present moment. Of course if I get “lost,” hand cramps will usually jerk me out of any trance I may be in.

Note 1. For example, the letter “A” that is often taught in schools emphasized the ego instead of the soul. The attribute of the Vimala “A” is “spiritual stardom, transforming ego into spirit.” The affirmation for this “A” is “Today I will notice how my personality affects others and grow from that knowledge.”

Note 2. Jennifer Crebbin, Soul Development through Handwriting, p. 12.

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