Alphabets and Divination: Irish Oghams


Because I am a diviner, I need to know many divination systems in order to do my work successfully. When my primary method gives murky or indefinite results, I often use an alternative method for gleaning more information. At other times, I switch my methods of divination to gain new insights. Therefore studying the Oghams fits in with my divination philosophy.

When people ask questions that affect the direction of their lives, many diviners will use four different methods of divination to assist that person. Each method will either add to the original reading or contradict it. Since they offer different perspectives to the same question, these other readings are helpful to the client. If the other readings contradict the first one, then knowing that is helpful for the client. Using the Oghams would add fresh insights to the original reading.

Studying the Oghams enhances my practice by offering a new way to approach divination. The Irish had different insights on the process than either the Norse or Tarot readers. Each new way of how to answer a question gives me more of an understanding of divination itself. Developed as an alphabet, the Oghams are steeped in Irish culture. They were employed by the Druids in their various “languages” of gestures, mnemonics, and secret codes. Because of these multiple uses, the Oghams offer more shades of meanings for answers in divination.

With the Tree Ogham, there is a connection with the living plants. Using each few of this Ogham, the diviner can tap into the wisdom of that tree or shrub. This makes for a more profound reading since insights from this Ogham comes from living entities. Furthermore, it taps into areas of the unconscious that other divination methods miss.

Moreover each few in the Tree Ogham has various kennings which give added shades of meaning to it. These kennings can pinpoint the precise meanings in a reading, and give depth to each meaning. Furthermore, the kennings offer alternative points of view. For “Tinne (Holly)” (second aicme, third few), the kennings include “one of three parts of a weapon,” and “o holly, little, sheltering one, thou door against the wind…” This gives a fuller sense of “Tinne” in a reading. For these reasons, the studying of the Oghams enriches my divination practice.

5 thoughts on “Alphabets and Divination: Irish Oghams

  1. Fascinating. This is funny, but I don’t even know enough about this to ask a question. Something like this that has ancient origins, and you, quite expert in it, has somehow eluded my sphere of learning all these years. I do appreciate your posts. Learning the old is all new to me.

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    • I understand that you were raised Mormon. Don’t they have theology about settling North America before Columbus? I ask that since Christianity seems to flatten the past and rewrite it to suit its needs.

      Is it the divination part or is it the Irish alphabet? There is a lot material about the ogham on the Internet. About how the Irish used it.

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      • Yes the Mormons claim a band of Israelites left the old world and settled the americas and continued on the law of Moses. The divination part I’m a little familiar with, but your incorporation of alphabets and tying a lot together is pretty cool. As far as the ogham, why would I google that when I’d never heard of it till yesterday. Lol. This way of life in the states limits our exposure to protect the faith. Masterfully done btw, and unless you know someone…

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      • My wife is Panamanian Filipino Irish, and she has natural abilities. She sees things all the time that come true. That’s how I met her she got all dressed up and stood in the doorway at the school waiting for me to finish up a meeting. She thought she was being stupid, so she went away. Ten years later I saw her again and we were eventually married. She was prompted to go to the school that day to meet her husband, but she chickened out. It’s a great story actually. I remembered her and what she was wearing and everything. But, she sees other things all the time. Pretty cool, so I’m open to learn more.


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