Monotheistic Filter: Expulsion from Eden

The Goddess religions reject the over-emphasis of the masculine Divinity in Monotheist religions and the subjugation of women. These religions depict the expulsion from the Garden of Eden as the Goddess being deposed by the God. The patriarchy that many Goddess Pagans rail about destroyed the peaceful matriarchy of prehistory.

The work of Marija Gimbutas, Lithuanian-American archeologist, implanted the idea of the Great Mother Goddess in prehistory in Pagan minds. The original idea was started by Johann Jakob Bachofern, Swiss anthropologist, in the 1860s. He asserted that the early Europeans were matriarchal. Friederic Engels (of Marx and Engels) reformulated Bachofern’s idea into a matriarchal Golden Age that was dislodged by the patriarchy of the Indo-Europeans.

Marija Gimbutas described the former Goddess culture of Europe. Ruled by female shamans, this peaceful and egalitarian culture nurtured all life. Gimbutas continued, “Through an understanding of what the Goddess was, we can better understand nature and we can build our ideologies so it will be easier for us to live.” (Note 1) Joan Marler, American archeomythologist, added, “If her theories are correct, then peace, reverence for the earth and the honoring of life are not only human capabilities, they are the very underpinnings of European civilization itself.” (Note 2)

Because of the Great Goddess myth, various Deities of prehistory are seen as Great Mother Goddesses. The interpretation of the objects of prehistory have been subverted into a Goddess Culture. For instance, the Bird Goddess becomes the supreme image of the Holy, with Inanna of Sumer and Isis of Egypt, Her Aspects. The Monotheistic Filter employed by the Goddess religions eliminates the male to formulate the One Goddess.


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4 thoughts on “Monotheistic Filter: Expulsion from Eden

    • The problem is that they are re-enforcing the Western European ideas about women as nurturers. Women are much more than that. Also, they are denying the maleness that is needed.

      Also it is another enforced version of Monotheism, and is actually the flip side of the Christian God Monotheism. Replacing a male God with a female One. It serves to create the same problems in belief, etc.

      In Polytheism, Gods (Goddesses) live in Pantheons. They work with Others. The Monotheistic God (male or female) is alone, responsible for everything.

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  1. Here’s a very important area in which balance is desperately needed. I don’t believe our civilizations were ever matriarchal. But I do believe that both male and female are absolutely necessary for a healthy society. Each has a sphere of expertise, honed over millennia of evolution. Women nurture. Men conquer. Both are necessary. And not equal, but equivalent. When men subjugate women, civilization gets off kilter. When, as now, intersectional feminism rules, civilization is off kilter. Both were and are incredibly damaging. The reset that’s coming isn’t going to be pretty.

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    • I intended to say something to the same effect, but since you have expressed it first (and very well indeed), I’ll second your thoughts. Let me add a rhetorical question: What is the use of a Goddess without a God as her counterpart or her father or son or associate? Replacing a monotheistic god with a monotheistic goddess is like using the same bad coin, but only turning it to the other side. I love the notion of “balance” that you describe and that’s why I use it so often in my theory about polytheism. Balance is precisely the reason why this world of excess and disorder and dualism (three ingredients of destruction) desperately needs polytheism in its original form, and certainly with a monotheistic filter.

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