Tree Magic: Healing Ancestors

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For the past three months, I have been working with a group to heal our ancestral lineages. We strive to uncover the Mother and the Father wounds, and then heal them with our magic. I chose to ask the silver fir to help me with this work.

After asking, I took a branch from a small fir growing near my condo building. Then, I set up my Ancestor altar, with the silver fir acting as the Grandfather and Grandmother Tree. I burned the branch in a small bowl, and asked for assistance in healing my family wounds.

The next day, while I was swimming at the local pool, I heard a whisper to find a pine cone to burn. I repeated the Ancestral ritual with the pine cone. Staring into the flames, I saw strange whorls that were coming from the cone. In my trance, I received a message to buy a specific book.

The topic of the book was the past lives of humans, who were souls from other planets. Since the book had not been published yet, I pre-ordered it for future delivery. Surprisingly, it arrived by mail two days later. Apparently, I was to read this particular book as soon as possible.

I was perplexed as to why the silver fir directed me to read this book. I considered past lives to be far-fetched. For me, the Dead stay dead unless they have unfinished business with the living. Moreover, what did the past lives of aliens have to with my Ancestors?

My Scottish grandmother would tell us of how her family were descended from otters. In human form, the otters mated with people. I have read about beings from the Otherworlds procreating with humans. Perhaps the idea of otters or space aliens ending up my family line did not so farfetched.

I think that the silver fir was informing me that healing my father’s line was for the Gods. I should pray to the Gods, instead of using my magic. The tree was telling me that my father’s lineage was beyond my magic. With the guidance of the silver fir, I put aside my Ancestor work, and offered prayers for healing. Accepting the strangeness that is my father’s line was what I needed to do, according to the silver fir.


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