Anubis (Anpu) of Egypt


Artist: Kris Waldherr for the Anubis Oracle

I met Anubis about the same time that Hecate introduced Herself to me. In the Roman mind, Anubis of Egypt and Hecate of Greece are both Gods of the Underworld and the Keepers of Curses. They are often grouped together for Romans. Anubis is the Keeper of the Keys to the Underworld, while Hecate guards the Dead. To summon Anubis, a person would draw the image of the God in blood from a black dog. To summon Hecate, a person sacrificed a black dog at the crossroads. Both Gods act as intermediaries between the Dead and the living.

Anubis of the Dead is an ancient God of Egypt. During the Early Dynasty Period and the Old Kingdom, Anubis was the Lord of the Dead for the Egyptians. He later became the God of Mummification and Funerals.

During the Middle Kingdom, Osiris became the Ruler of the Underworld. Anubis then became the Guardian of the Scales. He supervises the Weighing of the Hearts of the newly Dead. Anubis also guards the mummified corpse of Osiris, after this God is murdered by Seth, his brother.

In my relations with Anubis, I am to convince some of the newly Dead to crossover. To me, He is the Keeper of the Keys, who leads some of the Dead on their way. Hecate receives them at the end of their journey.

Anubis’ Titles:
He Who Is Upon His Mountain
Lord of the Sacred Land
Foremost of the Westerners
He Who Is In the Place of Embalming
Conductor of Souls
Jackal Ruler of the Nine Bows
Protector of Tombs
Guardian of the Scales

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