Why I Don’t Do Magic for People


As a rule of thumb, I do not do spells for friends. One is because I value my privacy and theirs. By doing a spell, I would intimately know their business. Moreover, they have no assurances that I would not do spells against them if an argument breaks out in our group. As for me, I dislike being used as a tool much like a hammer.

Since my objectivity is non-existent, I would naturally want to help my friend. If I do a spell for them. I may enable them to do something unethical. Not only that, I may have prevented them from facing the consequences of their actions.

Therefore if a friend asks me to do spell, I would refuse. However, if they are considering something illegal, I would alert the authorities. If it is something unethical, I would tell them why I think that. Otherwise, I would consider it none of my business, whatever they wanted to do.

Further Reading:
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4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Do Magic for People

  1. I’m bothered a little that people might want anything done for them. Isn’t the idea to use these things for your own self empowerment to chart your own path. Looking for a quick fix is the way of the world. Power without the discipline to attain it…dangerous.

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    • One thing that I run into are money spells and love spells. People want the quick fix in those areas. I tell them get a job or get financial counseling. As for love, I consider those spells unethical since they are trying to force someone to love them.

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  2. I’ve always understood that spellcraft is more effective if you do it yourself, with your own intentions, rather than for others, anyway. I’d never dream of doing a working for anyone else, but I might help show someone how to do it for themselves.

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