Taking Time out of Time: Prophecy

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Psychology Professor Marc Seifer offers a holistic view of Time. He sees the Past, Present, and Future as inter-connecting circles. In each overlapping circle, he correlates the physical, mental, and psychic aspects of each “sector.” He places in the Past, archaeology (the physical), retrocognition (mental), and clairvoyance (psychic). (Note 1) The Present is normal perception, telepathy, and “thought transference.” (Note 2) (Note 3) The Future is prediction, precognition, and prophecy. (Note 4) According to Seifer, people receive messages from both the Past and the Future, with each bleeding into the Present. Experiences of the Past blend with the Present as does those of the Future.

Time is expressed in the physical realm as a progression of events. Archaeology is the relic of past events. Normal perception of what is happening now is the event of the Present. Prediction is of an event that will occur in the physical future.

The mental realm of Time can permeate the physical. By an act of mental will, the Present will decide the Future in a physical act. In other words, our past decisions will determine our futures. Seifer writes, “Determinism, a force from the past, creates the chain of cause and effect; however events emanating from the past are also influenced by future goals.”

Psychical researcher, H.F. Saltmarsh (1881-1943, U.K.) divided Time into two dimensions – the mental and the subliminal or psychic. Saltmarsh claimed that precognition is commonplace, and theorized that the surface self has a limited perception of the actual present. For him, the Present encompassed the conscious and unconscious. “The second dimension of time does not necessarily manifest itself in the first dimension of actuality.”

Meanwhile, noted mathematician P.D. Ouspensky (1878-1947, Russia) developed a theory of time that explains Jung’s (and mine) time travels. He concluded that beside the three dimensions (height, width, and depth), a fourth dimension that of the mind exists. This dimension both transcends and crosses three-dimensional space. He stated, “The greater part of one’s being exists in this fourth dimension, in which lies, dreams, prophecy, and time travel.”

Note 1: Seifer defines retrocognition as the obtaining of information from the past. Clairvoyance is the retrieval of information through paranormal means. Mark Seifer, “Transcending the Speed of Light.” Rochester (VT): Inner Traditions. 2008. p. 221-226.

Note 2: Seifer defines telepathy as “the awareness of the thoughts of another person.” “Thought transference” is defined as mediumship for the past and psychic ability in the present. (Seifer p.221- 226.)

Note 3: In her writing, Ellen Dugan, the Garden Witch, equates telepathy with “thought transference.” However, she defines mediumship as a form of psychic communication between the Living and the Dead. She adds that psychic ability is the capability to receive information beyond the nonphysical senses in the present. Both she and Seifer agree that clairvoyance encompasses retrocognition, telepathy, and precognition. Ellen Dugan, “The Natural Psychic.” Woodbury (MN): Llewellyn Publications. 2015. (p.11, p. 166.)

Note 4: Prediction, according to Seifer, is based on the five senses. Precognition is the mental sphere receiving information from the future. Prophecy involves receiving paranormal information from the nonphysical dimensions of the future. (Seifer p.221- 226.)

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