Bad Blood and Toxic Friends


Several times, I have been on the outs with people, with the energy between us turning bad. My initial response was to “hate follow” them on social media. The result was a draining of my vitality and the feeling of falling into a vat of corrosive liquids.

To feel alive again, I decided to do several things. First was to stop following the people. Then do both a cord cutting ritual and a hex breaking ritual. These two rituals together ensured that neither of us were still sharing energy. For an added precaution, I stood between two stereo speakers and played loud rock n’ roll music. The sound blasted away any stray energy.

Once I have developed bad blood with someone, I usually try not to be where they are. However if that is not possible, then I employ several strategies. First, I shield myself and carry a bulla (Roman talisman). If emotions had spilled out after an argument, then I ground and center myself. As soon as I can, I take a shower to wash away any residual energies.

Works Used:
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4 thoughts on “Bad Blood and Toxic Friends

  1. My wife has been doing a lot of smudging and severing cords lately. Something in the stars? A lot of toxic intrusion lately. She has been invited recently to take in the local longhouse as well, and is learning some Native American traditions. I don’t really know what the hell shes doing but it’s interesting. Burying stuff in the yard, salting, crystals, smudging sage and some other stuff. It’s interesting to me. She’s been seeing a lot of activity in her dreams, owls, snakes and various other things. Interesting. I think you have a lot in common.

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    • Many people have mentioned that there is miasma in the “air” sort to speak. I don’t bury stuff in the yard but there is a Mesopotamian tradition of warding the home with overturned bowls full of dirt. I don’t use sage since it is not in my tradition but I do use mugwort, and other plants. Salting is an old tradition that goes way back.

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  2. I salt after I sage the house. Reiki has helped me to build up my abilities and use positive universal energy. Negative energies return to their source of origin for the person to learn lessons that they are meant to. I do have a crystal grid and each one has a use. They work together to bring peace, protection and prosperity.
    The burying of stuff is for protection of self and is considered witchcraft. I guess if I had to identify with the craft I’d lean more towards being a hedge witch, Reiki master and light worker. For some reason people mostly identify me as being shaman. They come to me for cleansing and protection.
    Making sure that all the work is done with light and positively without doing harm or trying to control others is crucial. If you step outside of these codes of conducts then things will go sideways quickly.

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