The Weirdness of South Mountain, MD (US)


One place that I have had odd experiences is Western Maryland. This mountainous region has vast forests, meandering creeks, and wild rivers. It was first traversed by various Native American nations who warred with each other. Later the combatants of the French and Indian War and U.S. Civil War left their imprint with battles. Besides this bloody history, phantom beasts, unquiet ghosts, and odd people inhabited the area. (The most famous beasts are the Dwayyo, a werewolf-like creature and the Snallygster, a reptilian-avian creature.) The nexus of all this weirdness is South Mountain, which is an extension of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The strangeness of Western Maryland includes experiencing displacement of time and space. Returning home from Chambersburg (PA), I went through an unknown portal. I found myself navigating my car through a herd of mastodons, which were browsing on spruce trees. Dodging the hairy beasts, I kept going until I went through another portal back to my own time. I later found out that my experience was not that unusual for this area.

My first response to the area was confusion, and being out of place. I had a feeling of experience multiple selves in multiple dimensions at one time. Being so fragmented had made me nauseous. Since then, when I do travel through Western Maryland, I carry my bulla for protection and grounding.

Works Used:
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3 thoughts on “The Weirdness of South Mountain, MD (US)

  1. That is a rich and storied area. The bulla goes way back. Interesting, did you make yours or find one somewhere? My wife will carry her black tourmaline, hematite and tigers eye and says that works well too in this situations, but she’s a Gemini. Do you have crystals that work for you too?


    • I had mine made and blessed by a Roman/Greek holy person. It has bones, and other magical things. Hematite is a common crystal that people use to block or shield entities and for protection. Tourmaline has many properties and that is one of them.

      I have used crystals since they do have a long history of magical use. When I am doing seer work, I use labradorite, kyanite, and selenite. They provide protection and prophesy at the same time.

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  2. When I was a child, my parents had a friend in West Virginia. We lived in central Maryland, and to visit Martinsburg WV, we had to cross South Mountain. My mother was afraid of heights (among other things) and always had mild panic attacks when we crossed the mountain. Your post makes me wonder if she was sensitive to the weirdness there. I don’t remember feeling anything unusual, only being anxious because my mother was anxious and not understanding why.


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