Touched by Hecate

hecateI experienced full blown ritual panic during a seidhr (Norse ritual of speaking to the Dead). At the time, I did not expect to be possessed by a Deity. Usually when people are to be possessed by a God, they plan for it and assemble a crew to help them. I was an “accidental” possession, totally unexpected by anyone.

The seidhr was held at a campground, in the evening. The seidhrwoman sat high on a picnic table, with everyone sitting on either side on benches. Because I came later, I had to sit on the lone chair in the middle of the benches.

Since I am a Roman Polytheist, I prepare for rituals by taking a bath first. Then, I dress in Roman clothing (stola, tunica, and palla). Covering my head with my palla, I am ready for the ritual. Apparently at the seidhr, I resembled the Goddess Hecate.

I have no memory of what happened after we approached the Underworld during the ritual. I was told by witnesses that Hecate took over my body. The seidhrwoman later told me that she had received a vision of Hecate coming to the seidhr dressed as a Roman.

After Hecate left my body, I was totally out of it. I felt like I had been struck by lightning, dragged for miles behind a fleet of Mack trucks, and run over repeatedly. Dazed and confused, I panicked. Fortunately for me, the seidhrwoman knew what to do to help me. First, she had me drink water and eat some crackers. Then, she spritzed me with lavender. All the while, she discussed the weather with me. Eventually, I came back to my body. Since then, I make sure that I have water and crackers with me during a ritual. (I have found that during rituals, I have close encounters with certain Gods and Goddesses.)

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One thought on “Touched by Hecate

  1. Yup, same reason why I’m sure to have plenty of water with me. Never know when One might pop on in. These days though, the Gods give me a heads up. They didn’t used to, though.


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