Identifying a Psychic Attack


To evaluate whether I was under attack or not, I decided to do two divinations. For one divination, I used was the Ogham, and for the other the Runes. (Note) I wanted to test whether the information would be the same. Both methods said nearly the same thing. I was not under attack, but I did need to shore up my defensives. Moreover, the Runes said stop asking the same question again. I should just do one divination and study the results.


Coll (Hazel), Fearn (Alder), and Nuin (Ash)
Coll means “wisdom and intuitive knowledge.” If I was under attack, I would know it. Fearn indicates listen to my intuition. Since ash (Nuin) was used for weapons, I believe the message of Nuin is to strengthen my boundaries. The Ogham says that I am not under attack, but I do have weak defenses.


Berkana, Pertho, Isa and Nauthiz. (I drew the last two together.)
Berkana indicated that I am protected. Pertho pointed to following my intuition because I have good luck. The emphasis of Isa and Nauthiz was to stop asking. As with the Ogham, the Runes implied that I needed to reinforce my perimeter.

Note: The Ogham is a Celtic divination system and alphabet based on trees.

The Runes is the Norse writing system used for divination and magic.


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