Dealing with Fairies (i.e. the Fair Folk)

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My friend Diane sees sparkles in her room in the evening and early morning. Pieces of her jewelry keep disappearing and then showing up weeks later elsewhere in the house. She asked me for advice.

Before focusing on any magical cause, I would first eliminate the mundane. I would have Diane be examined for any medical problems. Sparkles can be a sign of eye floaters, which is serious. Once she was cleared by the doctors, I would then attend to uncovering the magical problem.

First, I would conduct a series of interviews with Diane about herself and the incidents. I have observed that psychic events happen frequently around sensitive people. These individuals are usually psychically and emotionally sensitive. Psychologically vulnerable people tend to have more magical problems than the regular population.

I have a list of standard questions for people having magical difficulties. First, I would ask Diane about her ideas about the occult. Does she or her friends dabble or practice in the occult? Does she watch shows about the supernatural? Does she know anyone who could be a magician? I want to know what types of magic either her or her friends may do. The answers could offer clues to if she or someone has triggered a cascade of events.

In “Monsters,” John Michael Greer offers suggestions for questions including those to detect a hoax. Greer stresses adding whether the person had read about the phenomena. He says that the mind can bring forth entities. Furthermore, Greer includes inquiries about the person experiencing any other phenomena. This is to establish how sensitive the person is or how other events may have influenced this event.

Next I would have Diane flesh out the incidents of the sparkles and missing jewelry. Did she have any physical reaction to the sparkles such as tingling or prickling? Other than jewelry has anything else been taken? Are the sparkles seen elsewhere in the house? Are there other times the sparkles happen? What does she feel about the sparkles? Do they give her the creeps? Do the sparkles happen when other people are there? What is she doing at the time? A part of this line of questioning is to root out hoaxes.

From the description that Diane gives, I strongly suspect that it is some sort of fairy. The times of sighting at dusk and in the morning are liminal ones, when the boundaries between worlds are porous. According to the lore, fairies will come into homes. The items being stolen are shiny, sparkly jewelry, which some fairies are attracted to. The jewelry being returned suggests a non-malevolent entity, at least towards Diane.

Before I conclude that it is fairies, I do several mundane tests first. The entities could also be thought forms or an intelligent ghosts. Ghost and fairy lore have many things in common. Ghosts generally do not appear as sparkles but they do take things.

First I would have Diane put the jewelry in a sock drawer. If it disappears from there, than it is something other than a fairy. Then I would conduct other tests.

In Diane’s case, the jewelry did not disappear, I tested for fairies by putting nails around one set of jewelry and nothing around another set. I noted what gets taken, since iron repels fairies. If the entities behave like what is described in traditional fairy lore, then I would conclude fairy activity.

While conducting these tests, I would consult the Runes to see if there is an on-going psychic attack. Since the answer they give is no, then it is not be a malevolent fairy. (Most fairies tend to be neutral in many events.) Then I narrow down what sort of fairy it could be. Among fairies, goblins and imps steal things as well as pixies.

After consulting the lore, I am left with either an imp or a pixy. Both are common pests but imps have an edge to them because they like being unpleasant. Pixies are naughty but not malevolent. I use a pendulum to divine which one. After the pendulum indicated pixies, I consulted the lore on stopping them.

Diane can stop the thefts by wearing her jacket inside out. It will break the spell. If she wants no pixies in her home, then Diane needs to ring the house with iron or steel nails. If she doesn’t mind them, then Diane requests that they return her jewelry. After that, she puts out shiny objects for them to take instead of her jewelry. (Some people believe that fairies offer blessings to those who help them.)

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6 thoughts on “Dealing with Fairies (i.e. the Fair Folk)

      • I haven’t read it in years, but have it. Do you ever read things like Longchenpa, who has a book called “Myriad Worlds”? In Tibetan Buddhism especially, there are buckets of beings who might fit in that category–there is none of this nonsense about ‘humans’ only being this particular species of being that many of us believe are ‘humans’, and it is believed that there are things called ‘humans’ in all world systems. Pretty broad thinkers, the Tibetans–


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