Luna, Moon Goddess of Rome

crescent moon

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Luna, the Moon Goddess, is an old Italic God. She is one of the twelve Gods who guide Roman farmers. She told them when to plant, plow, and harvest. As one of the twenty principal Gods (di Selecti) of Rome, Luna kept time for the festivals. In the “Carmen Saeculare” (17 BCE), Horace calls Luna, “the two-horned Queen of the Stars” (siderum Regina bicornis) Nightly, She drives her biga (two-horse chariot) across the heavens. (Note)

King Titus Tatius imported the worship of Luna to Rome from the Sabines. Later King Servius Tullius erected a temple to Her in the 6th Century BCE. Founded on March 31, this temple was on Aventine Hill. Luna shared another temple with her cult partner, Sol Indiges (the Native Sun) near the Circus Maximus. They have a festival together on the date of that temple’s founding which August 28, 1st Century BCE.

Note: Sol Indiges drives the quadriga (four-horse chariot). The two Gods could be considered Patrons of Drivers.

Salve Luna Notiluca!
Shining Lady of the Night
Lady of the Two Horns

Glowing Brightly,
You look for us.
Turning Ebony,
We look for You.

You guide us through the Night.
You whisper in our dreams.
You awaken our visions.

Salve Luna Notiluca!
Siderum Regina Bicornis


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