Al-‘Uzza, Goddess of Arabia

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Worshipped originally by the Nabataeans and Sabaeans (ancient peoples of Arabia), Al-‘Uzza, Goddess of the Morning and Evening Star, is often shown armed like a warrior, standing next to a desert lynx (a caracal). Her consort is Hubal, the God of Battle. Women would sing chants to Them to inspire their men to victory.

One sanctuary in a valley near Mecca had three acacia trees (considered sacred), where She would come to earth. She also had a temple where a thigh-bone shaped piece of granite was venerated. Al-‘Uzza granted oracles there by speaking through the granite. Meanwhile, women would invoke Her from their rooftops.

Besides being the Goddess of Battle, She is also a healer of sick children. She blesses marriages. Since Venus (the Morning and Evening Star) shines brightly in the desert regions, Al-‘Uzza is called the Most Mighty.

Note: Hubal is the Son of Manat, Goddess of Fate, and the Brother of Wadd, God of the Moon.

Great Lady
The Strong One
The Most Mighty
Lady, the Star
Goddess of Power
Mistress of Earth
Mistress of Heaven
Mistress of Underworld
Great Goddess of the Evening Star
Great Goddess of the Morning Star
Guardian of Ships at sea
Mistress of Dolphins


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