Tasmetu, Consort of Nabu of Babylon


The Goddess of Listening, Tasmetu (Tashmetum) is the consort of Nabu, the God of Wisdom. Since Nabu is the God of Writing, Tasmetu can be considered the Goddess of Oral Wisdom for She hears and remembers. Her name derives from the Akkadian for “the granting of requests.” Therefore this Goddess is known as an advocate who answers heart-felt prayers.

For the Assyrians, Tasmetu is the “Beloved Consort.” Because of this, She is also the Goddess of Sexual Attraction. Rarely separated from Nabu, the Divine Scribe, the Two Gods share their temples.

From the Assyrian Texts: Love between Nabu and Tasmetu
Let who will thrust where he trusts,
As for us, our trust is in Nabu,
We give ourselves over to Tashmetum.
What is ours is ours: Nabu is our lord,
Tashmetum is the mountain we trust in.

NABU: “Why, why are you adorned, my Tashmetum?”

TASMETU: “So I can go to the garden with you, my Nabu.”

NABU: “There, bind fast, hitch up, bind your days to the garden and to the Lord,
Bind your nights to the exquisite garden, Let my Tashmetum come with me to the garden, among the wise folk her place be foremost.

My Prayer to Tasmetu
Gracious Lady, Beloved of Nabu
He speaks, You listen
Going deep inside, You grant us wisdom
You hear us, Gracious Lady
Grant us, Lasting Love
We thank you, For your wisdom.

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