Maia, Goddess of Rome

beautiful blooming blossom blossoming

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The Goddess of Springtime Warmth, Maia brings the inner fire of the season. With her gentle touch, the earth springs to life with flowers blooming and plants sprouting. Hers is the warmth of spring melding into the heart of summer. Her Consort, Volcanus (Vulcan), the God of Fire, brings the searing fire of the summer. He ripens the fields, and starts the harvet. Meanwhile, Her Son, Mercurius (Mercury), the God of Commerce brings the flash of heat for trade to grow after the harvest.

Traditional Roman offerings to Her was a pregnant sow, since pigs have large litters. Today, offering flowers to friends and neighbors honors Maia.

Salve Maia Maiestas!
Great and Powerful Maia
With Your Fire
You warm the earth

We dance with the flowers.
We celebrate the spring.
We offer our gratitude.
Salve Maia Maiestas!

Note: Maia is often confused with that of the Greek Goddess. That Maia is often called the “Good Mother” and “Midwife.”