Hearing Spirits, Now What?


During an unremarkable ritual, I was overcome by the God Neptune. My hair stood on end as thousands of volts of electricity coursed through my body. Surprisingly, no one else noticed. I had a religious experience, or did I?

For me, I had to examine what did happen, to make sense of nonsense. I could pretend it all made sense. Then using the rules of logic and experience, I tried to put my experience in context. But what context? That is the problem with encountering the supernatural. Putting odd things in any context requires work. Problem with these experiences is that they are rooted in human perceptions.

First, is the experience consistent with external realities? For example, does it conform to what is written about the particular God? I researched for information about Neptune. Also, I asked other people about their spiritual experiences with various Gods. Was the tone and nature of what happened to me match theirs? It did.

Other things to do in making sense of nonsense is to check for consistency and bias. Is the message too gratifying? That is one way of distinguishing between fantasy and reality. My experience could be a projection of a personal creation of mine. Often a person will project their own desires and then consider what happens next to be real. If the message is what the person wants to hear, then it is probably fantasy. An actual message would be a truth that the person is uncomfortable with. As for me, I had no message.

What determines a mystic experience is that there is a profound disconnect between ordinary language and transcendent experiences. William James defined mystic experiences as “ineffability” or “indescribability.” Can what happened be described? Is the description self-contradictory such as “whispering silence?” I was electrocuted but remained unharmed.

As to what the entity is, there are guidelines to figure that out. First thing to remember is that universe multi-dimensional, so expect anything. An entity could present themselves as something else. They do this for entertainment or to sow discontent. Therefore, be skeptical and focus on what is being said. The truth is usually something the person needs to hear but rejects. Usually if the entity is flattering then dismiss the experience and them.

Be alert for spirits, who looking for a meal, for they will feed off humans. If the person feels general malaise after the contact, then that spirit is a parasite. Romans call them larvae and bang posts and pans to get rid of them. Salt bathing is another good way to get rid of a parasite.

As for me, I decided to ask for further confirmation that it was Neptune. Soon after that, a friend gave me a statue of Neptune. Then I visited a school that featured Neptune’s Trident in its logo. After other signs, I accepted the being was Neptune, Himself.

Suggested Reading:
Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera, “Talking to the Spirits”
John Michael Greer, “Monsters”
William James, “The Varieties of Religious Experiences”
Richard Lawrence, “Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels”
Dr. Raymond Moody, “Making Sense of Nonsense”

3 thoughts on “Hearing Spirits, Now What?

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  2. Thank you for sharing this experience! The gift of spiritual discernment is hard to come by. On a lighter note, when I lived in Hawaii, I enjoyed joining my Native Hawaiian and Chinese neighbors who would vigorously bang pots and pans during solar eclipses to drive away evil spirits and spiritual miasma.

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