Like many Polytheists, I have personal Gods whom I offer devotions to. To that end, I have developed a personal ritual calendar based on when They came to me. Also, I also consult when They are celebrated in their respective cultures. It is a part of my personal practice to deepen devotions to various Gods during specific times of the year. My calendar follows the equinoxes – vernal and autumnal. The balancing of day and night signal a new orientation of either light or dark.

October is an important month for me since I honor many of these Gods at this time. It is the month of my brain injury when The Wall fell on me. Anubis and Hekate (Gods of the Dead) came to me during my coma, and enlisted me to help with the Dead. They aided me in adjusting to life after my traumatic brain injury. Since October is the beginning of the dark time, I feel Anubis and Hecate keenly.

Because my Anglo-Saxon Ancestors wanted an altar to their Gods, I have observances for these Gods also. The Norse Winternights (the beginning of the winter – October 29 to November 2) is a time for me to honor these Gods. Also during this time, I have special observances for those Ancestors.

October is the beginning of the Wild Hunt by Odin, the All-Father of the Norse. Since the Wild Hunt continues through the winter, Odin (Woden) is a God of the Dark Season. When I was a young adult, I had a close encounter with the Wild Hunt. I am grateful to be passed over.

In addition, I honor Nana-Suen of the Babylonians between the autumnal and vernal equinoxes. Because the night is greater than the day, the God of the Moon, Nana-Suen reigns during this time. This God has asked me to sleep under the moon, so He can speak to me. I say specific prayers for each phase of the moon during this half of the year.

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