Astrology: Houses, Planets and Signs

All Houses have a Sign associated with them but not Planets. Depending on how the chart is drawn, the Signs can be on the Cusp of the House or inside. The system used governs whether a House can contain more than one Sign. Since it governs the House, the Sign on the Cusp is the most important one. However, the Sign inside the House (called Intercepted) does have an effect also.

The effect of a Sign or a Planet also depends on whether the House is Angular, Succedent or Cadent. The Angular Houses (where the Four Angles are) activate the sphere of its particular Angle. What this House starts the Succedent House follows, and the Cadent House stores the resources of the Quadrant. The Sign of each would follow.

Houses can be empty (untenanted), and have no Planets. Then that House would reflect the qualities of the Sign on the Cusp. If there are no Planets in the Angular House, that House will only bring general energy to the Succedent and Cadent Houses.

A Planet in a House will indicate the form of activity that will be expressed for that House. It tells what to expect for the subject of the chart. A Mars in Taurus containing the Second House will have a different manifestation for that House than would Jupiter.

Every House has a Ruling Planet. The planet that is found in the House needs to be considered in regards to the Ruling Planet. Also, the placement of the Ruling Planet in a Sign needs to be looked at. For example, Mars has Dignity in Aries, Fall in Cancer, Detriment in Libra and Exaltation in Capricorn. If Mars is in the Fourth House of the chart, it will take on what the Sign of that House dictates. Cancer will make Mars aggressive, and Pisces more confused since that Sign rules the Twelfth House with Neptune. Because Neptune rules Pisces, that planet will affect Mars.

The Sign on the Cusp is more important than the other Signs in the House. The House will manifest itself in the most natural way that the Sign is expressed. For example, Sagittarius in the Sixth House would mean expanding the visions of others. Capricorn on the Fifth House would have the focus on stability.

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