Astrology: Aspects between Planets

Aspects are important since they indicate the angular relations between planets. They tell which planets are connected to what others. Aspects note how each planet interacts with the other planet. Aspects answer the question: “Do the planets blend their energies or does they clash?”

The difference between hard (challenging) and easy (positive) aspects is how the planets engage each other. Easy aspects have planets blend their energies smoothly. Meanwhile, planets in hard aspects confront each other. Their energies create stress for the person to resolve.

The Ptolemaic aspects are the most important. These aspects – Conjunction (0 degrees), Sextile (60 degrees), Square (90 degrees), Trine (120 degrees) and Opposition (180 degrees) correspond to the divisions of 360 degrees (the Celestial Sphere). The Ptolemaic aspects align most closely with the Zodiac, since they are natural divisions of 12. The minor aspects such as the Quintile (72 degrees) are not multiples of 12 or do not divide easily into 360.

If a planet is unaspected, it is volatile in its energies. Since it is unconnected to any other planet, that planet’s energies are pure and unadulterated. Not a part of the whole, its energies are unpredictable. For example, the planet’s energies could explode suddenly affecting other planets.

A planet can have multiple aspects with other planets. Together, the planets will combine into patterns such as the Grand Cross or the Grand Trine. The energies of the planets will be multiplied in a closed loop. A Grand Trine, which is comprised of three linked Trines, will have a circuit of smooth energy. Unfortunately, the energy will be contained in an infinite loop. Meanwhile, the Grand Cross, made up of two Oppositions linked by four Squares, causes disjointed energies to clash exponentially.

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