Dreams: Preventing Nightmares

If a person simply does not want to have nightmares, I would suggest a variety of methods for preventing them, since nightmares come in different ways. First, I would tell them, my bedtime routine for having good dreams. I say prayers to the Gods of Sleep and to the Gods of the Day and Night. Then I meditate with my prayer beads. After spraying myself with lavender (Note 1.), I fluff up my pillow and go to sleep. (Note 2.)

I learned that blackthorn can be put in a bag and placed by my bed for protection. I slept for months with blackthorn on my night stand and only once did I have a dream out of the ordinary. A friend of mine had died and came to say goodbye. (I had not learned of her death until later.)

One thing that I happened upon was dream pouches. The Heaven And Earth Company, which specializes in crystals, featured different pouches for sweet dreams or well-being. Inspired, I made my own with Rose Quartz, a calming stone of divine love. Another crystal I used was Aqua Lemuria from Indonesia. Besides being a good balancer of auras, Aqua Lemuria puts forth unconditional love that surrounds me. Both fill me with love as I sleep.

Clare Johnson (Phd) in “The Art of Transforming Nightmares,” suggests doing something similar to what the Japanese do. (Note 3.) She counsels inviting a helper animal into your nightmare. Ask the animal to stop the fearful thing from occurring. For me, I have found that simply having the iguana in the bed prevents many nightmares.

Note 1. A person could use patchouli as well.

Note 2. Remember to stop watching the news at least two hours before bedtime. Be selective in media consumption, in general.

Note 3. According to the Japanese, the Baku was created by the Gods from the leftover pieces used to create animals. (A Baku looks like a cross between an elephant and a tapir.) A person experiencing a nightmare, would say three times, “Baku-san, come eat my dream.” A person has to be careful since a very hungry Baku will devour their hopes as well.

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2 thoughts on “Dreams: Preventing Nightmares

  1. About 10 years ago, my problem wasn’t having nightmares but repeated unintentional astral projection that just had me drained, night after night. A dear fellow Witch made me a lovely bracelet mostly comprised of hematite and jet beads; its grounding energies kept me put the very first night! A Hawaiian remedy for nightmares I learned from Native Hawaiians while living on Oahu was to place leaves of the sacred ti or ki plant (these were deliberately planted on the thresholds of Hawaiian temples) underneath your mattress. Fortunately, on my last trip to the islands, I purchased a ti plant root and have successfully potted it upon my return to Chicago; in the past four years, it’s grown into a giant palm-tree-like plant growing in a colossal planter on the nightstand adjacent to my bed and in an east-facing window for optimal light: no nightmares! 🙂

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