Planetary Magic: After the Jupiter Spell


The concern I chose was to ask for Jupiter’s blessings to finish my studies at the Grey School of Wizardry in a timely manner. I want to receive my Journeyman’s Certificate, and then continue on to the next phase of my magical life. Therefore, I wanted to finish quickly.

I chose Jupiter the Greater Benefic since this Planetary Being governs wisdom. I wanted to be filled with Jupiter’s optimism. Finally, I wanted Jupiter’s blessings to do the Greater Good with my new magical knowledge.

Timing is important in gaining as much magical energy as possible. I chose the month of May of the Waxing Year, the Waxing Moon, Thursday at 10 AM. May and Thursday are the traditional times associated with Jupiter. To have maximum energy, I chose the Waxing Year and Moon. 10 AM on Thursday was suggested for one of the correspondences for Jupiter.

For Materials:

I had a purple candle with the Pentacle of Jupiter carved on it. Purple is the traditional color of Jupiter. Since Jupiter governs the elements of Fire and Air, a candle with his Pentacle carved on it is appropriate.

Other materials were amethyst and lapis lazuli, the stones of royalty, and associated with Jupiter. Also, oak and cedar are the traditional trees associated with Jupiter. I could gather them outside of my home, and therefore instill my personal energies into them.


The Planetary Correspondences that I used in my spell were effective. I could readily assemble the items such as the oak leaves and the crystals. After they became filled with Jupiter’s power, I carry the crystals with me as talismans. They fill me with the energy to continue with my studies. For example, I am finishing up with two classes, and have signed up for another class.

After the Jupiter spell was finished, I did have an adverse reaction. Because I was knocked out for two days, I could barely manage my normal life. I did ask several magicians whom I knew why this happened. They explained that since I have extremely keen psychic senses, doing the spell was like ringing a church bell in a closet. The psychic reverberations from Jupiter felt like a loud gong going off next to my head. Because of that I decided not to do any more spells that involve Planetary Correspondences.

Planetary Correspondences are outside of Roman magic nor are the Planets are a part of the Roman religion. As a Roman Polytheist, I differentiate between Jupiter the Planet and Iuppiter the God. Although Melita Denning and Osborn Phillips in “Planetary Magick” have corresponded various Deities with Planets, I do not. The Roman Gods that these authors list are often thought to be the same as Greek ones. If I do approach the Planets in magic, I would do as I would numina (divine spirits).

Works Used:
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