Astrology and the Tarot: Wands

From the Universal Waite Deck, I drew the Six of Wands and the Ten of Wands. As Wands, they are of the element of fire. In the Tarot, this element indicates burning passions and drive. In Astrology, the Wands relate to the Fire Signs of Aries (cardinal), Leo (Fixed), and Sagittarius (mutable).

In “Tarot Beyond the Basics,” Anthony Louis says that in the Golden Dawn System, the number six reflects the middle Decan of Fixed Signs. This entails the “full expression of the season” which indicates a desire for stability. In contrast, the number ten refers to the “final expression of the season.” This number reflects the last Decan of the Mutable Signs, when one season ends to allow for the next one to begin.

The Six of Wands reflects the Second Decan of Leo, when this Sign is the strongest. Corrine Kenner in “Tarot and Astrology,” says that in the second Decan of Leo, “Jupiter puts Leo in the spotlight.” As the Greater Benefic, Jupiter gives this Decan great expansive energy. Therefore, it is appropriate that this card depicts a triumphal parade celebrating victory.

In contrast, the Ten of Wands has Saturn, the Greater Malefic, ruling the third Decan of Sagittarius. Although Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, Saturn’s influence makes this Decan seem oppressive. The depiction of a man carrying a load of ten branches is apt for this card. The Third Decan of Sagittarius is usually the darkest time of year. In “Tarot Deciphered,” the authors T. Susan Chang and M. M. Meleen emphasize when the number ten comes in contact with fire, it tends to smother the fire. All of this adds to the intensity of the Ten of Wands.

For the reading of the Six of Wands and Ten of Wands together, the sentence is a stable victory that can become an overbearing challenge. What started as a success could turn into a burden. I interpreted this reading as “be careful what you wish for, it may become harder than you expected.”

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