Astrology and the Tarot: Sevens

In comparing the Seven of Wands and the Seven of Pentacles, there are similar qualities which may not be apparent. To begin with as “sevens,” these cards are in the last Decans of their respective Signs. The Seven of Wands is in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. The last Decan of Leo is ruled by Mars, the Lesser Malefic, who throws the energies of the Sun in disarray. Because of this, the Seven of Wands is known as the “Lord of Valor.” Meanwhile, the Seven of Pentacles is in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, the Lesser Benefic. The last Decan of Taurus is ruled by Saturn, the Greater Malefic, who restricts indulgent Venus. Therefore, the Seven of Pentacles is known as the “Lord of Success Unfulfilled.”

At first glance, this would make each card different, but underneath is the same current that runs through each. According to Anthony Louis in “Tarot Beyond the Basics,” the Sevens in the Tarot are the last Decan of the Fixed Signs. During the time of these Decans, the fullness of their seasons are coming to an end (Spring for Wands and Autumn for Pentacles). During this time, the need is to let go of the equilibrium of the Sixes. To enter the final stages of the Pips, the thresholds presented as the Sevens have to be crossed.

In “21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card,” Mary Greer describes the progression of the numbers of the Minor Arcana as climbing a mountain. After reaching the peak at the Sixes, the Sevens begin the descent to the completion of the Tens. Going down the mountains can be as difficult as the ascent. Since the Sevens will test the person, completing them, according to Greer, will be the “True Victory” for the seeker.

Since the Sevens cause self-doubt, they encourage the Seeker to give up. For the Seven of Pentacles, the brooding gardener is depressed over the volume of work that needs to be done. The Seven of Wands has the weary warrior fending off the staves of his attackers. He is trying not to surrender to despair. As Sevens, both the gardener and warrior summon their inner fortitude to continue on.

The elements of each suit are reflected in the subject matter of the Sevens. The fire of Wands is stubborn and determined as the defiant warrior. The earth of the Pentacles is patient and working as the determined gardener. As the fixed Signs (Leo for Wands and Taurus for Pentacles), the Sevens represent steadfast and stable energies in these respective suits.

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