The Many Names of Venus

Venus of the Romans is a complex Goddess, who is often equated with the Greek Aphrodite. But Venus is more than the Goddess of Love, She is also the Patron of Gardeners and the Protector of the Graves of Girls. Venus Genetrix (the Mother of Rome) is the Ancestor of the Romans. Meanwhile, Venus Victrix (Venus Victorious) carries a spear into battle, and rides alongside her favorite generals.

No official festival exists for Venus in the Roman calendar. However, April, as the beginning of spring, became associated with this Goddess. Although the Vinalia in April concerns wine, Roman prostitutes regarded this festival on April 23 to be a holiday of Venus.

Like many Gods, Venus has multiple attributes.
Venus Alma: Mother Venus, the Nurturing Mother
Venus Amica: Venus, the Friend
Venus Aurea: Golden Venus
Venus Caelestis: Venus, the Heavenly Goddess
Venus Calca: Venus, the Bald One. (Note 1.)
Venus Erycina: Venus from Eryx. Goddess of Prostitutes
Venus Felix: Favorable Venus (with Roma Aeterna) (Note 2.)
Venus Genetrix: Venus, the Universal Mother
Venus Libertina: Venus, the Freedwoman
Venus Libitina: Passionate Venus
Venus Murcia: Venus of the Myrtle (Note 3.)
Venus Obsequens: Indulgent Venus
Venus Physica: Venus of the Creative Force
Venus Verticordia: Venus, the Changer of Hearts
Venus Victrix: Venus, Victorious

Note 1. The Romans have several stories to explain this. One is that Roman matrons gave their hair for bow strings during a siege of Rome. Another is that a Roman bride offers a lock of her hair to Venus.
Note 2. Hadrian built a temple to Venus Felix and Roma Aeterna (Eternal Rome) as the Protectors of Rome.
Note 3. A myrtle tree grew in front of her sanctuary in Rome.

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