Prayers for Jupiter of the Romans

Since Jupiter is important, I have dedicated prayers to various aspects of Him. Each prayer helps to me focus on that aspect of Jupiter, and become closer to Him.

Salve Iuppiter Tonas!
The Thunderer who speaks to us
In the Storm
May we understand

Salve Iuppiter Fulgur!
Salve Iuppiter Fulgurator!
Jupiter of the Lightening bolt
Tells us Your Will
May we understand

Salve Iuppiter Elicius!
Reliever of drought
We thank You for the welcome rain

Salve Iuppiter Capitolinus!
Jupiter of the Capitol
Jupiter who helps us to govern
May we listen

Salve Iuppiter Feretrius!
The Hard Striker
Maker of Treaties who Blesses our Weapons

Salvete Iuno Regina, Iuppiter Optimus Maximus, Minerva Augusta!
O Capitoline Triad
Who shows us to govern
May we heed Your Advice
May our leaders listen

Salve Iuppiter Stator!
The Stayer of the Rout
Who commands us to stay and fight

Salve Iuppiter Invictus!
Unconquered Jupiter
Always victorious
May we follow You

Salve Iuppiter Depular!
The Repeller of Enemies
We thank You

Salve Iuppiter Pistor!
Who told us to give up
What we hold most precious
To win against our besiegers

Salve Iuppiter Conservator!
Jupiter the Savior
Sheltering those in need
We give You Thanks

Salve Iuppiter Caelestis!
Heavenly Jupiter
Who looks kindly down upon us

Salve Iuppiter Custos!
Jupiter the Custodian
Who protects his people
We give You Thanks

(From Galina Krasskova’s Prayer Cards: “Jupiter” by Lykeia)


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