Prayers for Jupiter of the Romans

Since Jupiter is important, I have dedicated prayers to various aspects of Him. Each prayer helps to me focus on that aspect of Jupiter, and become closer to Him.

Salve Iuppiter Tonas!
The Thunderer who speaks to us
In the Storm
May we understand

Salve Iuppiter Fulgur!
Salve Iuppiter Fulgurator!
Jupiter of the Lightening bolt
Tells us Your Will
May we understand

Salve Iuppiter Elicius!
Reliever of drought
We thank You for the welcome rain

Salve Iuppiter Capitolinus!
Jupiter of the Capitol
Jupiter who helps us to govern
May we listen

Salve Iuppiter Feretrius!
The Hard Striker
Maker of Treaties who Blesses our Weapons

Salvete Iuno Regina, Iuppiter Optimus Maximus, Minerva Augusta!
O Capitoline Triad
Who shows us to govern
May we heed Your Advice
May our leaders listen

Salve Iuppiter Stator!
The Stayer of the Rout
Who commands us to stay and fight

Salve Iuppiter Invictus!
Unconquered Jupiter
Always victorious
May we follow You

Salve Iuppiter Depular!
The Repeller of Enemies
We thank You

Salve Iuppiter Pistor!
Who told us to give up
What we hold most precious
To win against our besiegers

Salve Iuppiter Conservator!
Jupiter the Savior
Sheltering those in need
We give You Thanks

Salve Iuppiter Caelestis!
Heavenly Jupiter
Who looks kindly down upon us

Salve Iuppiter Custos!
Jupiter the Custodian
Who protects his people
We give You Thanks

(From Galina Krasskova’s Prayer Cards: “Jupiter” by Lykeia)

Roman: Mars: God Of War and Protector of the Fields

Mars came to me early in my polytheism. For a long time, I struggled as to why the Roman God of War would want to be my Patron. I had nothing to offer Him. As I began to know Him more, I realized that Mars Pater (Father Mars) is a complex and multi-layered God. During the time of the Roman Kings, Mars along with Jupiter and Quirinus governed the State. Mars also defended the fields and protected the cattle. These elements together make Him a God of Sovereignty for me. Mars Pater incited people to protect their own and stand against those who would conquer them.

The month of March (Martius) is named for Mars. Besides being the God of War, He is also the Protector of the Fields and Crops. The Feriae Marti (Festival of Mars) includes besides the preparation for war, purification and rituals for planting and good harvests. This festival is important since Mars is the Father of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome. (The Ancient Romans regarded themselves to be the “sons of Mars.”)

Starting March 1st, which is the birthday of Mars, the Salii (Leaping Priests) dance through the streets of Ancient Rome. Wearing the original military uniforms of Rome, the Salii beat their sacred shields (ancilia) and sang ancient hymns to Mars (Carmen Saliare). They repeated this two more times on March 8 and 24. Beating hides and skins, the Salii drove out pestilence and disease. They sent away the Old Man of March (Mamerurius Venturius).

At the Regia (Temple of the Gods), the ancilia and hastae Martiae (spears of Mars) were kept in the Sacrarium Martis (Shrine of Mars). Shaped like figure eights, the ancilia were a gift from Jupiter to the Roman people. The Salii started their dancing, and the Roman army assembled at the Regia. Before leaving for war, the commanding general would shake the spears shouting “Mars Vigila!” (Mars Awaken). Then he would invoke Mars Gradivus (The Marcher) to lead the army.

Other events for Mars would be the Equirra, the horse races held on March 14. Then from the 19th to the 23rd, the arms and the soldiers would be purified for war. The purification of the war trumpets (tubae) was the Tubiluistrium on March 23. Then the war and planting seasons began in earnest.

Modern Romans do dance, sing hymns, and beat drums around fields in honor of Mars. Offerings of sliders (small hamburgers) are made to Mars, with prayers to protect the soldiers in His Care. (The sliders is a Group Unverified Gnosis of Roman Polytheists.)

This is a hymn to Mars, similar to what was sung by the Salii. (Marmar and Marmor are ancient names for Mars. Lares are the land spirits.)

“Carmen Arvale” of the Fratres Arvales
Help us, Lares!
Help us, Lares!
Help us, Lares! Marmar, let not plague or ruin attack the multitude!
Marmar, let not plague or ruin attack the multitude!
Marmar, let not plague or ruin attack the multitude!

Be filled, fierce Mars! Leap the threshold! Halt, wild one!
Be filled, fierce Mars! Leap the threshold! Halt, wild one!
Be filled, fierce Mars! Leap the threshold! Halt, wild one!

By turns call on all the gods of sowing!
By turns call on all the gods of sowing!
By turns call on all the gods of sowing!

Help us, Marmor!
Help us, Marmor!
Help us, Marmor!

–Translation by Amra the Lion, 2005

In October, the Armilustrium (October 19) is held to purify the soldiers and their arms. At this time, the soldiers become regular citizens. The weapons are stored away for future campaigns.

Salve Mars Pater!
At this time
Our soldiers become civilians
With garlands, we honor them
May they rest.

Salve Mars Pater!
At this time
The weapons of war
Purified and stored away
May they rest.

Salve Mars Pater!
Vigilant as always,
Alert as always
We thank You.
— Virginia Carper, 2016

The image is “Mars Prayer Card,” by Lykeia.

Planetary Correspondences: A Ritual to Jupiter

Since I am a Roman Polytheist, the spell that I constructed followed a traditional Roman ritual. The items I used were from my Lararium (altar). For the correspondences, I repurposed a lapis lazuli and amethyst from my collection. I gathered oak leaves and cedar for offerings. I did purchase a purple candle and carved the Pentacle of Jupiter on it.

In Roman rituals, Janus (Ianus), the two-headed God, receives the first and last offering. He guards the Threshold between ordinary and Celestial space. Offerings are made to Salus and the Lars for blessings and protection. I made an offering to the Planetary Being Jupiter. (The Roman God of the same name is called Iuppiter.)

Jupiter Spell for Finishing My Studies in a Timely Manner


Turibulum: Incense burner with incense.

Salinum: Salt Cellar with salt.

Gutus: Milk pitcher with milk.

Lucerna (The Sacred Fire): A purple candle with Jupiter Sigil on it.

Patera: Offering bowl.

Talismans for blessing: small lapis disk and small amethyst ball.

Offerings: incense for Jupiter, cedar and oak leaves gather from around the building.

At the Lararium (Altar)

Signal approach: ring bells

Light the incense in the Turibulum:

Salve Ianus Pater!

Two-headed God

Who watches the comings, who watches the goings.

You guard the Threshold

Keep this inside and that outside.

Salve Ianus Patulcius!

I make the first offering to You to ensure that the opening of the Celestial Doors will result in good.

Offering the salt:

Salve Salus Mater!

The Purifying Goddess,

The Giver of Salt,

The Keeper of Public Health,

I offer this salt to You.

Offering the milk:

Salvete Lars Familiaris!

Guardians of the Home,

Guardians of the Family,

I offer this milk to You.

At the Lucerna, lighting the Jupiter Candle.

Salve Jupiter, Upholder of the Law.

Magnificence of Sovereignty

I offer this fire to You

Please attend and bless my rite.

Peaceful Jupiter fill the rite with your generosity.

Ritual Workings:

I sing the praises of

The Source of the Forces of Life,

The Disposer of True Wisdom,

The Great Benefic,

Most Magnificent and Bounteous.

I sing of Jupiter, the Upholder of the Law

Praise and Honor to You.

I offer this incense for your blessings on my endeavors. I offer this cedar and oak in your name. I wish to finish my Grey School of Wizardry studies in a timely manner. I will be at Level Seven in the next three months. Let me not tarry but continue onwards. Bless my efforts to graduate and become a Journeyman Wizard in two years.

Fill these talismans with your blessings that I may carry them with me to remind me of your wisdom. I thank You, Most Exalted Jupiter.

Unwinding the rite:

I thank you, Royal Wielder of the Scepter. Most Sovereign Jupiter.

(Blow out candle.)

I thank you Lars Familiars, Watchers of my home and family.

(Cork the milk bottle.)

I thank You, Salus Mater, Protector of Public Health

(Cover the salt cellar.)

The last offering is for You, Ianus Clusivus for guarding the Threshold. I thank You to ensure that the closing of the Celestial Doors will result in good.

(Offer incense.)

Ring bells to signal the end.

Prayer Beads: Shapshu and Yarikh of Canaan


Sun and moon: 1
Hamsa: 1

Clear Quartz: 3 beads
Light Jade: 4 beads
Dark Jade: 4 beads


Sun and moon charm
Clear quartz
Light Jade (3 beads)
Clear Quartz
Dark Jade (3 beads)
Clear Quartz
Light Jade
Dark Jade


Sun and Moon:
Bring peace and well-being, O ‘Ilu and the Gracious Gods

Clear Quartz:
Bring peace and well-being, O Gracious Shapshu the Torch and Yarikh the Lamp

Light Jade:
Bring peace and well-being, Yarikh Lord of the Sickle

Dark Jade:
Bring peace and well-being Shapshu, the Burner of Illness

Bring peace and well-being by your loving kindness, O Gracious Gods.

Prayer Beads: The Well of the Wyrd


Tree of Life: 1
Well: 1
Small suns or moons: 4

Rhodochrosite: 9
Clear Quartz: 9
Smokey Quartz: 9


Tree of Life: 1
Small moon: 1
Rhodochrosite: 9
Small moon: 1
Clear Quartz: 9
Small moon: 1
Smokey Quartz: 9
Small moon: 1
Well: 1


Tree of Life:
I sing of the World Tree
From the misty void of Ginnungagap
The Great Tree of the Nine Worlds
At whose roots lies the Well of the Wyrd
There live the Norns
Weaving the threads of all

Small Moon:
In the Turning of Time, we are our deeds.

I sing of Urda
Of Which Has Been
Who governs the threads
Of memory,
Mists and shadows

Clear quartz:
I sing of Verdandi
Of Which Is Becoming
Who governs the threads
Of the ever present,
Clarity and light

Smokey quartz:
I sing of Skuld
Of Which Is Yet To Come
Who governs the threads
Of endings
Night and blackness

The Well of the Wyrd:
The Well feeds the World Tree
Deeds upon deeds
Rippling in the waters
Layers upon layers like fallen leaves
The Past becomes the Future